Title: The Military Order of the Cootie: A Heartfelt Extension of VFW's Compassion


The Military Order of the Cootie (MOC), often referred to as the "Honor Degree of the VFW," is an integral part of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) family. This fraternal organization, with its unique name and mission, plays a vital role in supporting veterans and their communities while proudly carrying the spirit of the VFW.

**A Distinctive Name and a Noble Mission**

The Military Order of the Cootie may have an unconventional name, but its mission is as noble and profound as that of the VFW. MOC members, known as "Cooties," are dedicated to providing support, camaraderie, and assistance to veterans, especially those who may be facing challenges or health issues.

**A Cootie's Commitment to Compassion**

Cooties share the VFW's commitment to veterans' welfare and well-being. They frequently visit veterans in hospitals and nursing homes, offering companionship and a listening ear to those who may be lonely or in need of support. This compassionate outreach is a direct reflection of the VFW's dedication to ensuring no veteran is forgotten.

**Fundraising and Philanthropy**

The MOC is also involved in fundraising efforts to support various veteran-related causes. Much like the VFW, they organize events, campaigns, and initiatives to raise funds that benefit veterans and their families. These efforts often include providing financial assistance to veterans in crisis, supporting local veterans' organizations, and contributing to scholarship programs.

**Cooties as Advocates**

Cooties proudly advocate for the rights and needs of veterans, further amplifying the voice of the VFW. Their presence at veterans' events and within local communities serves as a reminder of the ongoing commitment to veterans' welfare and the values that the VFW holds dear.

**Partners in Service**

The relationship between the Military Order of the Cootie and the VFW is one of mutual respect and shared values. Cooties are often members of the VFW as well, and their combined efforts create a powerful force for good. Together, they work toward the common goal of honoring veterans, supporting their families, and ensuring that no veteran is left behind.

**Conclusion: A Testament to the VFW's Impact**

In conclusion, the Military Order of the Cootie stands as a testament to the profound impact of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Their distinctive name may raise eyebrows, but their commitment to veterans and their communities is unwavering and deeply heartfelt. Through compassionate outreach, fundraising, and advocacy, Cooties extend the VFW's mission to care for veterans and honor their service.

As part of the VFW family, the Military Order of the Cootie plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the spirit of camaraderie, compassion, and support lives on. Together, they continue to make a difference in the lives of veterans, embodying the core values of the VFW and proving that no veteran is forgotten.

As members of the Honor Degree of the VFW leading by example, we must continue to demonstrate our dedication to the VFW and MOC. We do this with the utmost integrity in the performance of our duties. Remember, Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right.